Need a story coach or editor for your book? An article written for your magazine? Publicity or marketing help? You’ve come to the right place, Griffith Editorial...

As an experienced writer/editor/marketer, Elinor has overseen the production of a wide variety of books, including riveting memoirs. Clients include the former President of Maxwell House and the Founding President of the National Crime Prevention Council.


What clients say....

John Calhoun, Hope Matters  “A model of depth and caring, Elinor pushed and prodded this book and deserves every kudo. Her humor, persistence and eye for quality never flagged.” 

Richard Laster,  And It Went So Fast  "As I thought about our work session yesterday, I realized how lucky I am to work with you on this project. You make it so easy for me... all with a lovely smile!"

Hans Rolfes, General Foods:  America’s Premier Food Company  "Without Elinor this book would not have seen the light of day. She whittled down my manuscript by more than a third and produced a much-improved version. And her familiarity with people in book publishing made my life a lot easier!”

Paul Dunion, Dare to Grow Up  Elinor continued to see a place in the world for my creative efforts and held a light when the way darkened.”